Upcoming Tours/Projects

If you want to learn more about our next tour/project, email us: cdeblaay@gmail.com or joshuamvis@gmail.com


Next Tour: 2024 Home Rebuild

When: September 6-15, 2024 in Bethlehem: ~$1500 plus airfare (we are hoping for 20+ participants)


What: This unique trip will include time spent at the site of the home rebuild, as well as time touring nearby sites in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.


Fundraising needed: $100,000 to build one home (participants can help with fundraising, but Chris and I will attempt to raise the bulk of the funds)


Interested: Email Chris DeBlaay at cdeblaay@gmail.com


Local Partner: Holy Land Trust, a Christian organization in Bethlehem, will organize this project. They have been rebuilding Palestinian homes demolished by the Israeli military since 2013.


Learn more about home demolitions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank here, here, and below.


*We recommend that tour/project participants be 12 years of age and up.