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A Short History of the Conflict

Another Short History of the Conflict

Israeli Settlements Explained, Part 1

Israeli Settlements Explained, Part 2

Israeli Settlements Explained, Part 3

Security Wall or Apartheid Wall


+972 - Independent commentary from Israelis and Palestinians

Palestine News Network - A progressive Palestinian news source

Haaretz - A progressive Israeli news source

Ma'an - A mainstream Palestinian news source

Jerusalem Post - A center-right Israeli news source

Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows

Fauda (Netflix) - "Fauda" (Arabic for 'Chaos') depicts the two-sided story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Budrus (Watch here, $3.99) - Budrus is an award-winning feature documentary film about Palestinian community organizer, Ayed Morrar, who unites Palestinian political factions and invites Israeli supporters to join an unarmed movement to save his village of Budrus from destruction by Israel’s Separation Barrier. 

The Gatekeepers (Watch here, $3.99) - A documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets.

5 Broken Cameras (Watch here, $2.99) - A documentary on a Palestinian farmer's chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army.

Omar (Watch here, $4.99) - Omar, a young baker turned freedom fighter, is accustomed to dodging surveillance bullets to cross the separation wall to visit his secret love Nadia. But occupied Palestine knows neither simple love nor clear-cut war.

Disturbing the Peace (Watch here, $4.99) - DISTURBING THE PEACE follows former enemies - Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters - who joined together to say "enough." The film reveals their transformation from soldiers to nonviolent peace activists.


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Tough Questions, Direct Answers By Dale Hanson Bourke

Palestine: Peace not Apartheid By Jimmy Carter

Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001 By Benny Morris

A Land of Two Peoples: Martin Buber on Jews and Arabs By Martin Buber and Paul Mendes-Flohr

The Lemon Tree By Sandy Tolan

Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa

Blood Brothers By Elias Chacour

Faith in the Face of Empire By Mitri Raheb

Whose Land? Whose Promise? By Gary Burge, Wheaton College

Chosen?: Reading the Bible Amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict By Walter Brueggemann

Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium By Bart Ehrman

Oxford History of the Biblical World Michael D. Coogan, Editor

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes By Kenneth Bailey


B'Tselem - Israeli organization documenting Israel's human rights record in the Occupied Territories: Comprehensive resources on the particulars of the Israeli occupation with explanations, maps, articles, etc.

Foundation for Middle East Peace - Good resource U.S. government's role in the conflict: Insightful and reliable articles on the conflict and comprehensive analysis of U.S. legislation and policy on Israel and Palestine

Churches for Middle East Peace - Coalition of 27 Christian denominations and organizations: Excellent resources for churches, including advocacy tools, reflections, prayers, and events that churches can host or attend

Americans for Peace Now - Israeli and American organization focusing on resolving the conflict: Excellent articles, podcasts, maps, etc.

Al Jazeera hosts a helpful debate on the legitimacy of the two-state solution. 

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