8: Pastor and Professor – Jesus and the Kingdom 3

In this episode, we continue our conversation on the historical Jesus, focusing on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel. Can the Sermon on the Mount be understood in an apocalyptic framework? What about the Jesus’s temptation by Satan in the wilderness? We explain how both of these episodes in Jesus’s life and ministry fit well within an apocalyptic framework.

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    Robert Clauss
    May 6, 2018 at 1:40 am

    Have enjoyed all eight podcasts greatly. Hope you will devote your time someday to the issue of whether God is involved in the everyday affairs of man. Despite what i was taught in Sunday school, my experience in life convinces me he is not. Also does God answer prayer? That is really basic to Christianity but I see little evidence that the answer is yes. I attended your presentation in Des Moines several months ago. Finally, when the Israelis left Gaza my understanding is that it did not intend to blockage Gaza. It was only after Hamas took control several years later and the rocketing of Israel started that Israel that decided to protect its border. Believe me when I tell you that I am humble enough to admit I could be wrong on my Biblical thoughts as well as my understanding of the Israeli situation vs. Gaza. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!!

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